Our mission statement for Broadwaters Inclusive Learning Community combines the best elements of primary and special schools through the creation of an inclusive community. Inclusivity is at the heart of this vision.
Therefore we provide at the heart of the ILC, the specialised expertise, equipment and environments required to give all pupils the level of support they require, while concurrently giving those pupils with complex needs the access to the specialised resources shared with the primary school. It is intended that opportunities for social and curricular integration to the levels appropriate to each individual will be organised using the ILC design and collaborative staff working.

Broadwaters ILC will:
  • Provide an entire planned learning experience that not only includes lessons but also extended school days, out of school activities and whole school learning events.
  • Ensure difference and diversity are welcomed and celebrated.
  • Ensure access is provided for all members of the school community to the physical environment and the curriculum of the school and inclusive campus.
  • Provide positive images and attitudes towards our pupils are developed in the community.
  • Be a caring community that is based on fair, understanding and compassionate relationships.
  • Make sure discrimination in any form is opposed and challenged, and the person discriminated against is supported.
  • Provide a wider life enhancing experience for pupils, other than can be achieved solely in separate schools (special & primary).
  • Support pupils, parents & carers to be able to fully participate in the shaping of the pupils own learning.
  • Make optimum use of communications and collaboration technology.
  • Make greater use of communications and collaboration technology.
  • Ensure that children achieve to their capability and those who are able leave literate and numerate.
  • Ensure that a full range of opportunities and experiences are provided for all children.
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